Business Information Technology

Information Technology for BusinessAt Analysis Logic we help you with the strategic direction of the business information technology you need in your organisation.  Whether that is core business processes and infrastructure or more specialised technical applications.

Everything we do is dependent on your needs.  We strongly believe that one size does not fit all.  This applies to all businesses, but particularly in organisations with more technical requirements.  We can help you get better value from your existing and future investment in ICT.  Our existing clients certainly think so.

So, what do we do?

We don’t claim to be experts in every ICT discipline. There are just too many to be competent across all the pigeonholes.  However, Analysis Logic was created by Scott Petrie who has a strong track record in both the design & development of specialist systems and specification, procurement, implementation and management of more general digital systems.

This experience gave birth to services aimed at medium sized companies, to help them get more appropriate business information technology solutions.  We do this to improve your productivity and have been known to reduce total costs.


IT Procurement
Objective analysis and advice to get the best solution and deal
for larger IT purchases and outsourcing IT services or development projects
Business Analysis
Requirements Definition
Vendor Management
Find the right specialist
Impartial Advice
Get a better deal on your IT project
Project Recovery
Resurrect failed or failing technology projects
Not getting what you thought you would get from your IT/digital project?
Missing Features?
Performance problems?
Poor User Experience?
Escalating costs?
Bring your project back on course


Click on the table above for more information on each service.  Things are seldom black and white and in reality we cater for edge cases more than others.  Get in touch to discuss your unique requirements.


As mentioned above, although we can fit in a number of pigeonholes, we can’t possibly fit in them all.  So, we are proud to openly say that we collaborate with specialists and adjacent disciplines to deliver the right solutions.  In business IT our speciality is in analysing your needs, developing the requirements and managing the interfaces between you and vendors to ensure delivery of the most appropriate solution.  We keep the plates spinning and reduce costly diversions due to misunderstandings and assumptions.