Where are the gaps in your organisation’s IT systems and strategy?

 £   How much are they costing you?

  Not sure where to start with a software or other IT project?

  How about a fresh pair of eyes?

  Are you ready to be disrupted, or do you want to disrupt?



These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself as a business owner to keep ahead in this increasingly digitally connected world. If you have the time and internal senior IT people available, then you’ll already be doing it.

However, these IT resources don’t come cheap. Hiring a Business Analyst, IT Manager, IT Director, CIO, or CTO is just not possible for most small and medium sized companies. Outsourcing support of your computer systems is great to look after your day-to-day IT needs, but who is looking after your IT strategy?

Who helps you define what it is you need to suit your business? This is Analysis Logic’s speciality area. We offer objective and independent advice with no vendor ties or restrictive partnerships.



Discovery is suitable for companies of all sizes.  It identifies and helps you focus on the right technology areas for your business needs.

Whether you are suffering from recurrent problems, want to find a more efficient way to do things, feel you are paying a lot for mediocre service or are ready for digital transformation, Discovery can help shine a light on your company’s specific technology requirements and how to achieve them.


Where are the gaps in your organisation's IT systems and strategy?
Identify and help you focus on the right technology areas for your business
Tailored to your needs:
IT Systems | Digital Transformation
Objective & independent analysis
Summary report
Discovery is about uncovering your current situation and identifying your strategic IT goals so you can start planning your IT journey to benefit your business
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Note: This is not an IT systems audit as would be offered by a typical IT support provider. Yes, we’ll ask what you have and how you use it, but we go further. We’ll look at where your business is at the moment and where you want to take it.  We’ll workshop specific areas to uncover your strategic needs. We can then recommend paths to have information technology assist you in delivering your business vision as affordably as possible.

We will create a summary report for you to refer to afterwards and you can use this as you wish, whether you want to engage us for follow-on projects, or not.

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