IT Project Recovery – Recover failing technology projects

recover from a failing digital technology projectIT Project Recovery.  Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong with technology projects leading to failing development or failed implementations.

Sadly, this can be when independent computer analyst firms like Analysis Logic get called in to resolve the situation. It would be better to be introduced earlier and under better circumstances to avoid the issues in the first place, but if you need an experienced pair of hands to get your project back on track …


Now, we’re not talking about disaster recovery or restoring data from backups here.  We are referring to larger design, development or implementation projects.  Although, we can help you develop your disaster recovery plan and source a solution appropriate for your current and growing system and data needs.  No, this is more about projects that have been started, but have hit some issues.

Common Issues

Some of the common issues are:


The most common reason for such problems is misaligned expectations.  This can happen if your requirements are a little woolly, or not defined in sufficient detail. The supplier often makes assumptions thinking they know what you want. However, that is their interpretation and the project starts to drift off course.  You assume the supplier is the expert and all will be fine. Until what you are given doesn’t match what you expected. The supplier has developed a solution they feel meets your requirements, but you disagree.

With more use of agile methodolgies the chances of misaligned expectations should be reduced.  However, getting customers to buy-in to Agile is tricky.  So most providers adopt a part agile, part waterfall approach.  They feel this helps show better value to their potential customers, but results vary.

Although technical and business people may speak the same language (be that English, French, German, Spanish, Martian, …) they approach things in different ways.

IT project recovery

Analysis Logic is experienced in working with all levels of organisations and we have been on both sides of the equation.  We can bridge the gaps between business and technology to help you resolve your problems.  Better still let us help you define the scope at the outset (read about our Strategy and IT Procurement services).

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