Do you need (but not want) an IT director?

These days, no business can run without IT in some form. If you’re a growing company (and show me a company that doesn’t want to grow) then at some point you’ll need an IT Director.

What do I mean by that? Not just a guy who sets up and fixes the PCs or laptops, but someone on your board level who can take a high-level view of where the company wants to go as it expands, and can use his extensive knowledge and experience of the technology to advise the board on what direction and strategies need to be taken to achieve their goals.

Jargon Alert: He (or she) needs to understand The Cloud, Virtualisation, LAN/WAN, VoIP, Servers, Disaster Recovery, and much, much more. Not technology for technology’s sake, but so that the most appropriate systems can be leveraged to your benefit. Your IT Director needs to know this stuff so that you don’t have to!

Money is tight

Especially these days, you need to squeeze every last bit of value from your budgets, and IT is no exception. Too often though, if the choices are left up to suppliers you can often end up spending too much on the latest fashions, and not enough on items that will really make a difference to your business efficiency.

So your IT director is crucial in getting the best value, and should have established industry connections to get the best deals.

So why did I say that you need, but don’t want one?

As MD, you already know the answer to that. Someone of that calibre is expensive, but this kind of input is only needed occasionally, so you couldn’t contemplate employing that sort of person on a full time basis.

So Rent One!

At Analysis Logic, we understand this dilemma only too well.

Our Virtual CIO services mean that you can benefit from our many years of experience and capabilities, but only pay for what you need. Problem solved! Whether it’s for one hour, or one day, or whatever is required.

No vested interests

We’re not here to sell you anything; no hardware or software, so we can be free to advise on your best course of action (or sometimes even no action) if that’s in the best interests of your company.

Our guarantee:

We’re trying to save you money and hassle, so if we can’t help you do this, we don’t charge you either. We’ll arrange an initial meeting with you, free of charge or obligation. Once we understand what you need to achieve we guarantee to deliver. If we can’t promise that, then let’s part and stay friends.

Want to find out more?

My name is Herbie Martin. We’ve spent many years helping SME’s to get IT to help them, and to save them money. To see if we can do the same for you, give us a call on 01224 460960 or drop us an e-mail.