PRESS RELEASE – Virtual CTO: A new approach to IT in Aberdeen

Aberdeen technology consultancy Analysis Logic Limited has launched a Virtual CTO service for SMEs in the north-east of Scotland. A Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is a key executive role inside an organisation whose responsibility it is to understand the business and align technologies to meet the business objectives. As technology is continually improving, it is important that a business takes advantage of these changes to deliver a competitive edge.

“While the CTO is a key role to the business, for an SME there are two reasons why it is unlikely such a resource is required on a full-time basis: i) cost, the overhead cannot be justified and; ii) there simply isn’t a large enough requirement to keep the person engaged.” said Analysis Logic’s Scott Petrie. “That’s why Analysis Logic has created this Virtual CTO offering.  It bridges the gap between the business vision and the technical decisions that need to be made to support it. The Virtual CTO’s experience and skills are invaluable in guiding the organisation’s technology.”

For Aberdeen’s SME community, this is a new approach to IT and wider technologies as Analysis Logic does not align itself with any specific product, vendor or technology. Therefore we can offer a truly independent and unbiased perspective to every client’s technology needs, with no agenda to upsell other products or services.

The Virtual CTO service can be tailored to any organisation regardless of size, from one-off projects and reviews to regular ongoing consultancy to steer the direction of technology. The service offered is unique to fit each company’s needs.

Scott Petrie, Managing Director, of Analysis Logic said: ”These days SMEs are taking advantage of a wealth of technologies from multiple vendors. There are many excellent and competing solutions out there and good vendors, but which is best for any one organisation? Are they getting a cost effective solution? Do all the jigsaw pieces fit together and what happens when something falls between the gaps? Our Virtual CTO service is designed to help SMEs by analysing their requirements and available solutions, and asking the awkward questions that will help to devise the right technology solutions to suit the business.”

“Most organisations have hidden problems with their IT systems, sometimes due to delayed decisions and investment, but more often due to unintended consequences particularly around a lack of a full understanding of the business and the way it operates. Some of these are minor, but others can have a serious impact on the company.”

“As an example a partner company recently asked us to help out with one of their customers. The customer’s systems were such that a communications fault at one site left two of their UK offices in limbo. Their systems were offline for 3 days and they had to pay their competitors to fulfil their clients’ needs. Ouch! The lack of operational awareness and the law of unintended consequences played a big part here. Could this have been avoided? Well, yes. Had they reviewed their systems and implemented change they would have suffered next to no downtime. 3 days > 3 hours > 3 minutes. Which would you choose?”

When a company starts-up or a new branch office is opened owners and managers are rightly concerned with the cash flow and have restricted time and technology budgets. The problem is once the company is established there are typically long delays in revisiting the technology requirements, often with action only being taken after costly events.  Considering how much we rely on technology these days a less than optimal system design can place a greater risk on the whole company.


Released 11:00 02-03-2015



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