Technical & Industrial Computing

RFD HMITechnical & Industrial Computing. This is our simple term for more specialist information technology solutions. Those for engineering, industrial and scientific purposes.

Analysis Logic’s founder, Scott Petrie, has a proven track record in real-time computer systems. He has designed, developed and managed technical & industrial computing solutions: Electronic, software and hardware design; Hard real-time operating systems; Software applications for near real-time, or “right-time” systems; Multi-user technical software applications. Now, with the advent of the Internet of Things, technology to realise such solutions is more easily accessible and much lower cost.  This allows the world of automation to reach more businesses and for them to become more efficient.

So, what can we do for you?

Combining our knowledge and experience with modern application frameworks we can shortcut delivery of computing solutions in more technical sectors.  Our main areas of focus are:


Technical Software
Bespoke applications for your technical function
Engineering, Industrial, Scientific
E&P Drilling & Geology
Automation, SCADA, …
MWD/LWD, Mud Logging, ...
Inter-Process Communications
Business Analysis
Design & Development
Product Management
Systems Integration
Make IT things work or talk with other IT things
Hardware devices
Software and Firmware
Physical or Virtual
Industrial or office
Custom Interface
Real-Time Systems
Get value from live data
IoT - Internet of Things
Data Acquisition & Control
Telemetry, calculations, detection, ...
Analysis & Reporting
Data storage & transfer
Data Visualisation
Data Exchange (e.g. WITS, WITSML, …)
Embedded Systems
‘Black Box’ specific task computers
Data Logging
Remote Input / Output / Control
Firmware & Software
Electronic Interface - Analogue & Digital



Every client has different needs and although we’d love to be able to list set prices here, it is just not realistic to do so.  Rest assured that a fair pricing policy applies and overheads are kept as low as possible.

Get in touch to discuss your unique requirements.