The Value of Networking

After the recent monthly Unfiltered networking event held in ONE Tech Hub, our placement students wanted to talk about what they experienced. Analysis Logic is based at ONE Tech Hub and Evelyn and Israel are working in the hot-desking area where Unfiltered takes place.

They were fascinated by the relaxed atmosphere and people reaching out to those they’d not met and others catching up and building on existing relationships. For them it was not something they had experienced before.  They wondered if there was a generational difference going on. Or is it just that they’ve been in education so far and not had the opportunity?

For anyone confronted by a room of people deep in conversation it can be a daunting experience to get started, but I’ve always found most people to be welcoming. The connections you make may be fleeting, the start of a great friendship or future alliance. You never know and it’s always interesting.

Most of Analysis Logic’s work comes through networking or linked relationships in one form or another, so I know the value of building long-lasting relationships and helping others when I can. I also love hearing about the cool things people are doing and building. That said, even after years of networking, I have “shy” days too when I find reaching out to new people more difficult. This was one of those days.

My advice for networking: Listen, be open, and offer advice and helpful connections where you can, but don’t sell.

What advice would you give to people new to business networking? Is there a difference for Generation Z? Oh and if you see me being shy, come say hello 😊.

In the photo me catching up with Janice Grant-ShawFiona McKenziePauline CairnsAhmed Sabir (sorry Ahmed, you seem to have been cropped) and meeting Nathan Noble.


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