Why do you call it a Technology company and not IT?

Often the word Technology is mis-used.  Information Technology has become so ubiquitous that Technology, or Tech, or Tech companies are used where it should really be IT.  However, IT has grown into such a large and varied discipline that the term itself can appear vague.

I’ve found, probably for the past decade, that IT has become generally used to mean day-to-day IT support services.  Technology on the other hand seems to be used for everything: mechanical, electrical, electronic, chemical, process engineering, transport and so on.  It is heavily used, often dubiously, by marketers to cover the latest and greatest wonder-thing.

I too am guilty of mis-using the T-word.  It’s a handy catch-all which can give you an idea of what I do, but not the detail.  Why do I do this?  Because I don’t fit neatly into a single pigeon-hole.  If I were to try to explain it all every time I was asked, I feel people’s eyes would quickly glaze over.

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Many moons ago I graduated with a degree in Electronic & Information Engineering and started work developing electronic interfaces to computers, instrumentation and real-time data acquisition systems.  From here I moved on to developing software applications.  I’ve designed and implemented IT infrastructure projects.  I’ve managed an IT support department and software development teams. I’ve worked on strategy, developed product roadmaps and I also dabble in high-end audio.  I’ve been a client facing product manager, a consultant, a baker and a candlestick maker (ok, the last two are made up). 

About 5 years ago, I went back to study and graduated a year later with a Masters (M.Sc.) in Data Science.  (You know, data analysis, big data, advanced data management, machine learning and all that malarkey).  Along the way I’ve liaised with manufacturing, trained people, been a start-up founder, I’ve done business analysis, project management, been involved with industry standards, managed vendors, worked on embedded systems and all sorts of other things, mostly “tech”, or tech-related.  

See, long-winded, right?

The core of what I do, or these days more help others to do, remains the same though: design and develop solutions using “tech” to solve their problems and help their organisations and/or customers be more efficient. The exact form of that tech depends on the problem to be solved.

These days you would probably describe a lot of what I’ve done as being Internet of Things (IoT), or Digital Transformation, but again I find those terms vague and at the same time restricting too.  Don’t get me started on “Digital”, which also seems to cover whatever you want it to.

So, I describe my consulting company, Analysis Logic, as offering Technology Consulting, Solutions and mentoring/coaching because not everything, or everyone fits neatly into a single box.  The experience is broad and I can’t think of another simple term to cover it all.  Do any of you have any other ideas?

How do you describe what you or your company do?

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