Our project consulting services are flexible and applicable across all sectors and organisation sizes.   

Analysis Logic has experience in the full lifecycle of information technology projects, from software development, through infrastructure to complete systems engineering

We also extend out to electronic engineering, embedded instrumentation and real-time systemsIndeed our founder Scott has designed, developed and managed projects encompassing all of these disciplines. 

We offer consulting services to help you realise your company’s objectives, whether analysis, design and planning alone or a complete solution.   

Business Analysis
Roadmap Development
Product Management

We help you understand and document your business needs, and then identify and recommend solutions to meet those needs. 

We create a plan to take you from your current position to achieve your goals, in logical steps, over a period of time to suit your business.  

We help you bring your product to market, from ideation to launch and beyond.

Real-Time & Embedded Systems
Digital Transformation
software piracy protection security
Software Protection

We develop real-time embedded computer systems that monitor, respond to, or control an external environment in a timely manner. 

We help you adapt your business model using Technology to create new value. 

We help you protect your company’s investment in its software intellectual property (IP)Help prevent unauthorized access, use, modification, or distribution. 

We realise that not all organisations operate the same way, so our services are flexible to fit your business requirements.  Together we will establish the jigsaw pieces to give the best fit for your requirements and produce results based on your needs. 


Analysis Logic strives to be an open, collaborative and supportive organisation.  As such we work with associates to support you with the right skilled technical people.

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