We are open and collaborative, partnering with others to bring any additional skills required. 

Founder & MD

Scott Petrie

As the principal Techie and problem solver, I help you understand the bigger picture, devise solutions and bridge the gaps to allow you and your team deliver your technology projects.

With a BEng in Electronic & Information Engineering and an MSc in Data Science, I have a wide technology background and knowledge having developed solutions from real-time data acquisition systems through technical software applications, business IT systems and infrastructure to data analysis and visualisation.

Associate PM / Tech Company data

Janice Grant-Shaw

Associate Data Analyst

Pauline Cairns

I analyse your data to help you gain more insights and streamline processes to allow you to see information in a timely manner through the creation of dashboards and reports.

With an MSc in IT with Business Intelligence and Microsoft Certified in Power BI, I understand and enjoy the processes in transferring, cleansing, organising, and joining data sources to ultimately visualise the data. The knowledge gained can solve complex problems.


Information Technology is a wide and ever-changing discipline; no one can be fully aware of every one of its subdivisions.  

Analysis Logic specialises in helping clients navigate the space from requirements gathering through to production.  To aid this we work with appropriate third-party specialists, companies and freelancers to help our clients realise their technology solutions.   

We are always looking for experienced and innovative associate partners.  If you or your company are interested and open to collaboration, please get in touch.  Let’s help more organisations achieve the right solutions together. 

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